Available Grants

Award Limits

In general, individual grants will not exceed $40,000. Grant awards which match a challenge from an out-of-community entity or person will not exceed $25,000. On the other hand, the Foundation may issue challenge grants for endowment or capital expenditures in an amount not to exceed $50,000.

Challenge Grants

The Foundation will award challenge grants for endowment or capital expenditures.  The Trustees have agreed to allocate no more than one-fourth of the annual grant guideline to fund these opportunities.

The organization defines the terms and time frame, with the challenge grant funds being awarded when the match is achieved. (i.e. match ratio of $2 raised to $1 challenge grant, etc.)

The Foundation will also consider grants which would serve as matching funds to a challenge grant.  (The Foundation will not match funds toward meeting a Community Foundation Carroll H. Starr Endowment Challenge.)  Particularly, the Foundation would be inclined to consider a match to challenge grants issued by an out-of-community entity or person.

Interim Grants for Emergent Matters

The Foundation will also consider emergent grant commitments outside of the specified grant cycle.  The organization seeking the commitment should contact the Lead Trustee.

Capacity Building

Capacity building grants help leverage other funding, create or sustain better systems or processes, build partnerships or efficiencies and/or enhance knowledge for improved operations or governance. Through KFF's collaborative partner, the Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence, capacity building supports can strengthen organizational systems and build competence and professionalism. Examples of fundable capacity building supports include: board and staff development, strategic action planning, fund development planning, mergers, collaborations, technology, marketing/communications, etc.